Green Design

On a global scale, going green is good for the earth. In terms of design, it's using the skills designers have for
the greater good, using knowledge to help clients market themselves in a more eco-friendly manner. We know your
industry personally - as a longstanding advocate of eco-living means we can understand where you are coming from
and also get a good sense of the particular message you are trying to convey. 

It helps clients save money as well. They’re no longer paying for the mass printing of single-sided, countless brochure
inserts; they’re using double-sided pages, recycled paper instead, or moving their information online entirely. It can keep
your expenses down, whilst doing something sustainable for the earth. It joins the worldwide effort to save our planet
and to preserve the resources we have for generations to come. In a business sense,
it can work to your marketing advantage. 

Recycled Paper

When it comes to eco-friendly print, choosing 100% recycled paper is a great option for companies today.
This is taken very seriously by consumers, and your company is a part of a changing environmental movement. 

Vegetable-based Dyes and Inks

If you’ve chosen environmentally-friendly paper, consider taking the next step and having your designs printed
with eco-ink. While traditional inks release harmful fumes into the environment, this option has a much smaller
environmental impact – so they’re good news on all fronts.

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